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Bihar - Where Abundance Meets Opportunity

Bihar is one of the largest producers of food crops in the country. The state's agriculture sector is a major contributor to its economy.

Food Processing Industry

India's food processing industry is a major contributor to the Indian economy. It is one of the largest food processing industries in the world and accounts for a significant portion of India's overall food market.

Bihar is a bountiful land with a thriving agricultural sector

Bihar is an agrarian state with a large agricultural and animal production base. This provides abundant raw material for food processing. However, the level of food processing in Bihar is currently very low. There is a need to improve food processing levels in order to meet the increasing demand for food from the state's growing population.

Huge Market

With a population of nearly 140 million, Bihar represents a significant consumer base for food products. The rising income and changing lifestyle in Bihar is increasing the demand for processed food. This presents a substantial opportunity for the food processing industry in Bihar. Additionally, the state's strategic location provides easy access to markets in neighbouring Indian states and countries.

Investment Opportunities

  1. Maize processing units with installed capacity of more than 100 TPD, including units for manufacturing starch and cattle and / or poultry feed
  2. Any other cereal processing / flour / starch /dough mixes, breakfast food manufacturing unit with installed capacity more than 100 TPD.
  3. Pulses processing unit
  4. Modern unit for oilseeds processing or extraction from raw materials obtained locally; like Vanaspati oil manufacturing from rice bran and vegetables like soya-bean, safflower / sunflower, mustard, ground nut, etc. as well as fats and oils extracted from bovine / sheep / goat / fish / marine animals, etc. Unit for solvent extraction for edible oils with or without integrated refining facility.

Note: Processing units purely for sorting, cleaning, and packaging that do not generate any substantial value addition shall not be considered under the priority sector.
  1. Milk processing units with installed capacities of more than 50 thousands litres per day.
  2. Units for manufacturing pasteurized milk, milk powder , ice cream powder, condensed milk, infant food, milk cream, butter, butter milk, lassi, yogurt, cheese, ghee, khoya, ice-cream, kulfi, flavoured milk and other dairy products.
  3. Units that manufacture products out of milk powder imported from other states or countries shall not be considered under the priority sector. Only products manufactured from milk procured or milk powder manufactured by another unit within the state shall be considered under the priority sector.

Note: For consideration under the priority sector, procurement of milk by the units shall not be carried out in areas where dairy co- operatives formed by COMFED are already in operation.
  1. Meat, poultry and fish processing units (e.g. fresh, chilled, and frozen fish; fish fillets and pieces; fish cured or smoked and fish meal fit for human consumption; fresh and chilled meat of bovine animals such as sheep or goat; meat & edible offal of poultry meat; dried eggs; etc.)
  2. Modern slaughter house & abattoir.
  • Modern processing unit for spices (for e.g. extracts essence & concentrates of spices, powder and paste manufacturing etc.)
  • Unit for extraction of food flavors, colours, oleoresins, etc.
  • Health and wellness food supplements made from herbs
    1. All kinds of F&V processing units (including units for manufacturing dehydrated and frozen F&V items using IQF/Blast Freezer/Spiral Freezer, etc.)
    2. Dehydration and powdering of vegetables like onions, mushrooms, etc.
    3. Unit for processing litchi (e.g. units for manufacturing litchi pulp, juice, pulp slabs, jam, jelly, beverage, nectar, candies, powder, etc.)
    4. Unit for processing local variety of mangoes into pulp, juice, pulp slabs, jam, jelly, beverage, nectar, candies, powder, etc. (units using mango pulp imported from other states or countries shall not be considered under the priority sector. )
    5. Unit for banana processing (e.g. banana chips, pulp, powder, baby food, jam, jelly, banana flower vegetables, banana trunk vegetables & pickles, etc.)
    6. Unit for makhana processing (e.g. unit for producing makhana pops, making flavoured and/or roasted makhana snacks, RTC kheer, baby food etc.)
    Natural honey processing unit
    Modern tea processing units
    1. Modern unit for manufacturing of biscuits/ cookies, etc.
    2. Modern bakery unit (e.g. bread, pastries and cakes manufacturing)
    3. Modern unit for manufacturing ice-cream
    4. Modern unit for manufacturing chocolate & non-chocolate based confectionery items
    5. Unit for manufacturing of frozen or non-frozen and packaged ready to eat (RTE) meals and snacks, ready to cook (RTC) food, powdered energy concentrate, instant drink concentrate, etc.